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  1. Perhaps there is a further contrarian position? We (men & women) have all seen and suffered the historic consequences of poor work/life balances. Simply because some men focus on their career, almost to the exclusion of their other responsibilities, does not mean their method is the 'correct' action, merely that it is a common method encouraged & perpetuated by employers as it appears to deliver more statistically consistent profitability. Perhaps, just perhaps, taking time out (as modern parental employment law both allows & encourages allows these days) might reset a male's perspective, re-sharpen resolve or commitment & improve engineering output. Fact is, no one thus far has demonstrated which method is 'best' for engineering. Contribution, is never measured by the number of hours you are sat at a desk or miles clocked up running around, but by one's output or indeed insight. So, in my opinion, the world of engineering needs good people and their race, colour, creed or gender is irrelevant. Do not dally, just commit and go for it. We welcome all hardworking committed people with open arms.
  2. HiFirst off I have searched. The searching has made me fully realise (vs only suspecting) that this subject is not simple but that I want to learn, to understand. Thanks.I have a small circular shaft (8mm dia) that I need to attach to another circular shaft (12mm dia).Once connected the 8mm dia shaft will very often be rotated back and forth by a handle (max 100mm long) at its end which can be up to 150mm.Quite obviously, the 'leverage' (apologies but don't know the correct terms) from a handle 100mm long on a shaft 150mm long is much more than on a shaft 30mm long. As the handle is used to open and close something on the end of the 12mm shaft human beings will try to 'make sure' it fully opens and closes. This would put great stress on the join of the two shafts eventually, at least in my mind, causing the joint to loosen or fail.My current idea is to thread (5mm so it has a shoulder and sits square against the 12mm shaft) the joint and apply a lock nut and then put in a grub screw at 90 degrees to the thread through the 12mm shaft to completely lock the joint so it never works loose.However, my instinct is that it will eventually fail. Does anyone have any advice please?
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