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  1. Hi ! With those parameters, you will also need the input power or the input torque if you already have the speed. Look for AGMA method of calculation. I think this is the most used in the world. Regards.
  2. Hi GB REID thanks for your response. I know what is YTS, UTS and when to use each one. I also know why is the difference in hardness (crystalisation, martensite creation, and so on) Let´s see again the same AISI4140 example..... We have a chart with different hardness according to the diameter of the material. Is it an average? And we have different curves of hardness in Jominy tests when we change the sample diameter. I think where water hits, the hardness should be the same. Furthermore, the final diameter of my piece is smaller than the originall diameter of the material. Then, which YTS should I use for my calculation? I am really lost. Thanks !
  3. Hi ! Does exist any guillotine cutter machine for steel sheets with different gauges which clearence can be regulated esay and quickly?
  4. you can test other thinner ropes with a dynamometer till you get 15 lbs and tie it like you said.
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