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  1. That does seem like it could be a solid way to do detailed dynamics, but I'm not sure it will be good for developing what I need. I appreciate the suggestion though!
  2. This is a work project, but it will only be used internally, and I am just looking for resources. I am not interested in having someone on the forum write it for me.
  3. Hello! I have to make a simulation for a vehicle and trailer that can show the response to a quick swerve. I am planning on making it reasonably accurate, basically just showing if the trailer is stable or not and what its response time/dampening ration would be. I can find out almost any physical aspect about the trailer for the model, but I am not very familiar with dynamics/kinematics, and it seems like that's the avenue to take. I have done some research, and it seems as if everyone is treating similar examples as rigid body motion in a plane. Generally I have only found examples of the trailer being linked to the midpoint between the back tires similar to a 5th wheel or goose neck hitch. For my simulation, I need it to be be similar to a common consumer hitch, mounted back several feet form the axle - meaning when the car turns to the left the hitch moves slightly to the right. I assume that is just taking another vector into account but I am not entirely positive. Does anyone have any good examples of this, or would be able to help setting up the initial equations? I have several books to read through but I was hoping to avoid starting at the most basic level and teaching myself a 510 masters class at work.
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