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  1. Hey Everyone! Hope you are having an amazing day! As Engineers we run on a very busy schedule and that makes it hard sometimes to be able to devote some time to change our health and bodies. There is a lot of information out there about diet/exercise that get people no where and leave them frustrated. I'm currently trying to find out how I could fix these issues for IT Professionals and make gaining muscle and losing weight simpler. I am about to start my own business as an online consulting coach on fitness. I want to help men gain muscle, lose fat and become more muscular in a body that they feel confident. Which is why i have two very simple questions: As someone very busy as you, are you experiencing issues with gaining weight / losing weight? if so what do you think are the two main issues you are dealing with ? I am not promoting or selling anything only recommendations and constructive feedback Thanks so much in advance Looking forward to reading your answers
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