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  1. Hi there, In my bachelor thesis, I am investigating the effects of vibration on the lifespan of induction motors. For this purpose, electric motors from various areas of application are to be ordered first. One of them is used in a vertical circular pump with 15kW, 400V line feed. I compared the catalogs of the big manufacturers like Grundfos, WILO and KSB. I asked myself whether these companies also manufacture the motors for their pumps themselves or are they produced by other manufacturers. Furthermore I tried to define the current parameters for this application, if someone has an idea about that topic, it would be nice to take a look over there. · 15 kW, 50 Hz, 400 V three-phase current, line feed (IEC 60038) · 2 poles, 3000 rpm approx. · Housing size 160M (IEC 60072-1) · Efficiency IE3 (IEC 60034-30-1) · Mounting: Flange mounted IM3011, IMV1 (IEC 60034-7) · Insulation class 155 (F) (IEC 60085) · Ingress protection class: IP55 (IEC 60529) · Cooling: self-ventilating (IC 411), TECF (IEC 60034-6) · Housing material: cast iron · Starting method: Direct on line Thanks in advance, Rodin
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