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  1. Even though 80%+ of U.S. and world electricity is steam generated, and sensors and micro controllers can manage operations, the D.O.E. may think steam projects aren't sophisticated enough to fund. Two years ago, with backing from a couple University of Houston engineering faculty and the Houston Advanced Research Center, I applied for a government grant to develop an efficient expander ... with barely a response from the D.O.E.. If I had only known, they couldn't have passed up a steam-Rubidium combination in a super-cell-expander! vinceatsteamdynamicsdotcom
  2. After studying both Stirling and steam engines over the past decade I came to the same conclusion. My thought was to build a more efficient steam engine. One thought to improve efficiency was to combine the expander and boiler so only one surface dissipated heat. Another direction I've been pursuing is a linear, in-line shunt valve, dual-piston, "crosshead" fluid engine configuration to remove flywheel, eccentric, valve rods, etc.. The mechanics received a patent a few years ago. Not being an engineer, I'm looking for engineering assistance in developing a steam-based residential MCH
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