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  1. In the following clip, "Barnabas Collins" releases a lever hidden in the floor for over 100 years, which through mechanical devices, allows not only for the fireplace to pull back, but for the stone floor to slide down, creating a stair case to a hidden portion of the mansion. My question is how? Without the aid of electric motors, and with the ability for the floor to come back to the starting position, how can this happen? Link to Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozDmqEnvYAg Is the weight of the person activating the device necessary to force the system into an unbalanced state, causing the stones to drop? Would you utilize other means to force the system to not only lower the pavement stones, but to also store enough energy to return them to their "resting" position? Keep in mind, this system needs to be able to operate without electronics, move thousands of pounds of stone over multiple vertical feet, and return them to the same location once the cycle is complete. I am less interested in the wolves on the mantle tilting their heads and a howling sound playing in the background, more of the dropping of the stone floor and returning to it's resting position. I greatly appreciate the insight of the forum in answering this question. I ultimately would like to incorporate this design into my future home and am perplexed how to make this happen. Thank you in advance for your insight.
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