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  1. Do you think wind energy will eventually develop as the primary energy source? Lots of retraining may be required!!
  2. Yeah I've been looking at BM Engineering stuff too - been exploring all of the different options for distilling equipment. So many to choose from - lots of decisions to make!!
  3. Hi, I found this recently about Hydraulic Valves - you could try speaking to the company Fluid Controls to get an answer to your question?
  4. I am currently carrying out a placement at BM Engineering Supplies based in Glasgow, Scotland. This firm supply industrial equipment to many sectors including food and beverage industries, distilling etc. Just wondering where will I learn the most in terms of real life hands on experience? I am learning loads at BM Engineering Supplies but would love to find/discover my specialism! I have attached a link if anyone wants to offer advice!
  5. Nice to meet you! I am also new to the forum too. As I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, I think this forum will help me understand the range of engineering applications out there.
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