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  1. Lots of interaction with useful external resources used in answers to provide extended learning
  2. Hi Eleanor! Depends what type of pressure regulator you're looking for? Are you looking to control gas flow or facilitate air filtration?
  3. Definitely fascinating - I always think this when I visit the parks with my kids. Also odd how we all just get on and have intrinsic trust in the engineer that we don't know with our lives!
  4. What a fab questions! Loved how inventive it was and how every day would be a little bit different. Plus I'm a solutions person, so I'm enjoy providing solutions as an engineer!
  5. Hi مصعب السمان Were you still looking for help on this?? Did you have a particular question for people to address/support you with in relation to pneumatics? I'm sure people would be happy to help if you gave some more info?
  6. Hello all! Hope you're all doing well. Just had a quick question about material selection. Does anyone have some helpful and informative digital resources for material selection? I've found this material guide from DLR Elastomer which is a great intro. I just wondered if anyone else had any additional resources to share that provide a deeper insight into the different materials and their benefits etc. Many thanks in advance
  7. Do you think wind energy will eventually develop as the primary energy source? Lots of retraining may be required!!
  8. Yeah I've been looking at BM Engineering stuff too - been exploring all of the different options for distilling equipment. So many to choose from - lots of decisions to make!!
  9. Hi, I found this recently about Hydraulic Valves - you could try speaking to the company Fluid Controls to get an answer to your question?
  10. I am currently carrying out a placement at BM Engineering Supplies based in Glasgow, Scotland. This firm supply industrial equipment to many sectors including food and beverage industries, distilling etc. Just wondering where will I learn the most in terms of real life hands on experience? I am learning loads at BM Engineering Supplies but would love to find/discover my specialism! I have attached a link if anyone wants to offer advice!
  11. Nice to meet you! I am also new to the forum too. As I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, I think this forum will help me understand the range of engineering applications out there.
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