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  1. Hi there, We are designing a stacking system for germinating seedlings, and are having difficulting distributing weight evenly across the trays from top to bottom. Ideally we want to stack a number of trays with seeds on top of each other (having a weighted surface ontop of the seeds helps to enhance germination and grow crops more quickly). Stacking in a conventional manner (i.e. one tray ontop of another) means the tray at the bottom has X number of trays more weight than the tray at the very top. It is important that the weight above any tray is not so heavy that the growing seedlings cannot push it upwards. In a nut shell - the stacking/support system needs to provide weight ontop of each tray, while allowing the whole system to expand as the seedlings germinate and push the weighted surface up. Is there a weighting/stacking system that we can exploit and use here? We have though of srping loaded or pulley systems, but they don't seem to cut it. Many thanks, Fraser
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