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  1. Hi Mason, Are you able to provide the spreadsheet, it would make it easier to help you. Kind regards, Ricardo Santos
  2. Good morning Pratap, To answer your question, it would depend on the stainless steel that you are using, 306, 314, etc.. You can always do a tensile strength test on a lab and look at the elastic region on a graph and calculate the modulus of elasticity of the material E=stress/strain. Also there is a good online materials information resource website: www.matweb.com Hope this helps. Kind regards, Ricardo Santos
  3. Hi Baumi, Have you got pictures that we can have a look at ? It would be pretty useful for me to see a few pictures. How quickly is the belt moving ? It could be it may be a friction issue and its creating heat when it is under contact to the steel components ? Hope this helps. Kind regards, Ricardo Santos
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