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  1. Heat treatment is a process whereby a metal or an alloy is heated to a desired temperature and kept there for some time until the desired phase and structure is obtained, after which it is cooled down at a determined rate.
  2. In my country Nigeria, there is no electrical power stability. You cannot boast of supply in a stretch of 6 hours everyday without outage. Ice block production assists local micro business activities and power is a stumbling block. Normal domestic refrigerator efforts produce ice block in 12 hours (with support of power generator) which erode all profits. Goal : Develop a system that freezes 300kg of water in 6 hours employing mechanical vapour compression refrigeration using single phase power supply.
  3. What is highly significant here is to determine the storage temperature of potatoes, size of your room and other heat emitting materials in the room in order to get your heat load accurate. Your building panels should be of adequate size to support your design specifications. When all these are in order and the exact heat load is determined, this would guide you in selecting the refrigeration capacity you require. All the best,
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