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  1. In order to operate the machine, you need a steady input of compressed air correct? You need to power a machine to compress the air. So, it is, to my mind, a way to use a compressed air tank as a type of electrical battery, which is cool. People have built these types of devices (check youtube ), and are selling or trying to, for several thousands of dollars. If you input the machines output back into the system, you could create some continuous motion, but you still would require input to keep it going over time. I am currently using common hardware to try to build a prototype which would capture the kinetic energy of ocean wave amplitudes, in a different way than current production designs. It could possibly be used in conjunction with a compressed air tank as a power output leveler. Are you familiar with the 1970's invention for ocean power called a 'salter's duck'? They are also pretty neat, but never used on a massive power scale for sure. https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/salters-duck1.htm )
  2. It should be a cylinder of air at any speed with a meniscus at the flat edges if there were zero gravity no?
  3. What is the purpose of the machine?
  4. I recently found this bidirectional bicycle setup in the googles. The chinese patent was not paid after 1 year, it expired in 2011. https://patents.google.com/patent/CN201442631U/en?oq=bi-directional+bicycle I'm not college educated, but I put this prototype together, and I was wondering about its application as a WEC, using wave amplitude with some amount of displacement driving a reciprocal motion to the driveshaft wheel. I live at the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and can access wave action from inches to several feet if desired. Any ideas could be helpful, I haven't actually bought any specific gears or cool building stuff yet. Suggestions for an applicable brush-less gen. or thoughts on amounts of displacement, gear ratios, and the stress points being invoked could be useful. Thanks for your time, if this idea is totally bogus, please explain! Thank you. CN201442631U.pdf proto413.mp4
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