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  1. That question is intresting, a friend of mine tried to calculate some super critical properties of CO2, but it wasn´t possible with Coolprop and other tools. And then they found out, that some material got destroyed, because CO2 gets acidic in some super critical states. So it was very hard to find out why the material got destroyed because the temperature, pressure wasn´t so critital at all, but the acid state was, but there are very few sources of that information ..
  2. Hello, everyone, Although BLDC motors are not my specialty, I find electric motors a very exciting topic. I would like to build one of my own one day. I know that the design is a science in itself and the connections between the parameters are very complex and they also influence each other. Nevertheless I would like to know if someone can give me a help how to roughly estimate the first parameters of a motor. Since I will print the stator and rotor, the motor will not withstand high thermal stress, it is simply a matter of understanding the relationships and finally compar
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