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  1. I was born in Saudi Arabia and I’ve been in Egypt for 4 years & I always looked for someone to ask him these kind of questions and really cares about answering them and not just give me a yes or no answer or suggestions based on focusing my interest on best salary or most requested areas of mechanical engineering ...😭 It’s an obstacle that I always find when I talk to the faculty and I don’t know how to get around it ! I just stopped asking them ... what do you think? As for company representatives, we don’t have such people that come over at where I study but I think I can ask
  2. Hi DrD, I really loved the your textbook, I’m extremely excited to learn from it, at my institute they always suggest us old textbooks which is quite daunting to follow, thank you 🙏 My next question is that I’ll move to my final year and I don’t feel like I have a clear idea of what a mechanical engineer job will look like, is that a big problem or normal? If it is a problem how can I fix it?
  3. Hi, DrD I’m currently a student, and I ask for help only and only if I really tried and thought about the problem and searched for the solution in different and all possible ways. This doesn’t include open ended question; I actually ask about what ever question goes in my mind. If the problem was something that is done by hand I’ll ask someone practiced for help right away
  4. Hi, at first I’m so excited with your post, I actually found it by total chance.I’m new to this place, I just logged in yesterday and I’ve been noticing your comments on lots of topics and really wanted to ask you just about everything ... I‘m from Egypt and I’m in my third year, unfortunately subjects in my college are not really taught very well; for most of the courses I get out knowing almost nothing, there might be a course or two that I manage to save my self in by learning the whole material from a lecture series on YouTube and reading textbooks, attending course at college keeps m
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