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  1. Applied Mechanics and Materials Technology 1) Ceramic and Intelligent materials 2)Advanced topics in Composite Materials and Structures 3)Advanced topics in Mechanics of Materials and structures 4)Theory of Elasticity 5)Dynamics of stuctures Design and Manufacturing 1)Advanced topics in Machine design 2)Vechicles Design 3) Stochastic Method for Engineering Application s 4)Applied Tribology 5)Advanced topics in Robotics Energy systems 1)Advanced Thermodynamics 2) Renewable Sources of Energy 3) Advanced topics in fluid Mechanics 4)Αdvanced computational fluid Mechanics 5)Multi-Phase Flows Hi Guys, Ι would want your opinion about which of these three engineering specialization with these subjects, is the best for future research in a master program. I study mechanical engineering in Greece and I must chouse between these sectors in my department. I am complicated between these choice because there are things that I like in every of these sectors. So I would like your own thoughts on these subjects. Thank you very much!
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