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  1. Nowadays, the construction industry is echoing with the word "Sustainability." Everyone seems to be focused on finding more sustainable design solutions for building structures and objects. The moment we realized that we would have to work on installing eco-friendly systems to help the planet recover from the damage done by human hand, most new construction projects were required to be eco-friendly. However, going green isn't as simple as it sounds. It's a huge challenge, and working on more sustainable structures during the design phase is the primary focus of all industries tha
  2. Get It Done Faster: Product Development Productivity Apps | Solidworks

    Everyone uses smartphones for way more than merely a telephone or a device for their favorite music playlists. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are platforms for a host of useful (and fun) apps. Productivity apps, news apps, social networking apps, and so much more. (At last count, according to Statista, Android has ~2.5 million apps on Google Play, and Apple had ~1.8 million apps on the Apple Store.)


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