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  1. Thank you so much JAG. I will be using mathcad for the calculations
  2. Hi there If I have my torque that the worm wheel (driven gear) is supposed to generate and have decided on my reduction ratio. How do i go about deciding on the pitch, gear diameters ,teeth and rotational speeds. I've looked at many resources but all those calculations work form the motor properties(ie power and speed) while I'm kinda working backwards. The purpose of the analysis is to design the gear box, calculate forces on gears and calculate the operating conditions of the motor (current and voltage needed to obtain that speed or torque). Thank you
  3. Hi there. Im an undergrad working on a supercritical carbon dioxide simple brayton cycle. Are there methods to calculate the efficiency of the compressor and turbine based on their characteristics.

  4. Hi there I am currently an undergrad engineering student in need of some advice. I am designing a motorized scissor jack and don't know how to approach the gearbox. The torque calculated for the power screw of the jack is 146.77 Nm and the maximum torque the motor can provide is 8.6 Nm with a maximum allowable radical force of 25N. I've tried to use 3 pairs of helical gears to reduce the torque but the radical force is too large. I need the gears to be small enough to fit inside a relatively compact housing. I'm looking for any tips on how to approach this problem will a relatively simple solution that I could approach at my engineering level.
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