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  1. Good news gtakaz, Good news gtakaz, You can have both, but it will be complicated. The LED strip will be the easiest to install, but it won’t with your power supply. The Strip runs on 5v, and the power supply outputs 3.7v. It’s easy to fix though; go to the store, get a portable cell phone charger, and plug the led strip in. The Strip used 2.88w/m according to your link. If you get a 5000mAh battery and 1m of LED’s, it should last 8.7 hours. If you really want the LED too you’ll need a few things, and you need to read the rest of this before you do. Get a portable charg
  2. dudleybenton is correct, we need more details to answer your question. Heat exchanges are very nuanced, and there are dozens of variables that can alter your question. How about you list what fluids, liquids or gas, you're looking into, and what you're trying to do with them? Specifically we need their temperature, pressure if it's really high or low, and how much fluid you're trying to move. Also could you be more specific by Capacity? I'm not sure what you mean. If you'd like a crack at it, here's a you tube video that gives a good start to the subject:
  3. Hello Tristan, Here are the calculations I did for this problem based on the info you provided, I hope you can read my hand writing. The average torque will be .00246 Nm. I wouldn't put any weight on this if I were you. This doesn't include the affects of gravity which will over power everything else in this equation. I would have put it but there was no information, so I assumed it wasn't applicable. If I'm wrong, I suggest you recalculate it. There are also other things, I put in the paper so please read through it. Lastly, this was a weird thing to calculate because you put a lot
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