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  1. 1. Why globe valve used in steam application in place of the ball valve? Globe valve used in steam application Actually nowadays a variety of ball valves are available in the industry. Due to new technology we can't judge the globe used for steam lines and ball valves can't. The main reason is that clearance between ball and inside the ball valve body is very less, due the high temperature difference ball material expands and squeezes, and that leads to the leaking problem if clearance is goes exceed, so ball valve is not preferred in steam service. Some reason is also there for the
  2. Rolling contact bearing https://www.growmechanical.com/2020/07/rolling-contact-bearing.html Learning Objective of this chapter Explained the different combination of bearing Decrease the internal clearance and pre-load of bearing Learn about bearing codes Interview question on bearing COMBINATION OF BEARING USE IN EQUIPMENT Three type of combination of bearing mentioned below O type of arrangement (DB) back to back X type of arrangement (DF) face to face Tendon arrangement O type of arrangement (Back to Back) The distance or (pre
  3. https://www.growmechanical.com/2020/06/the-ultimate-guide-to-mechanical-seal-part-1.html Mechanical seal Mechanical seal is a mechanical device which is used to prevent the (leakage) liquid coming from inside casing to outside though between static and rotating parts. Mechanical seals are used in centrifugal pumps. There are many types of mechanical seals used in the many equipment’s. It is classified on the basis of design, working, and arrangement. The Seal face is the most important part of the seal. Because the face material is the most expensive part of the seal and that creates
  4. Troubleshooting of centrifugal pump There are many types of problems happens with a centrifugal pump that is mentioned below. Flow not develop or low flow Low pressure and low head Power consumption is high High noise in pump Guide to troubleshoot of centrifugal pump mention below, and we will take a view and try to troubleshoot of centrifugal pump. Flow not developed or low flow
  5. https://www.growmechanical.com/2020/06/type-of-pump-positive-displacement.html Type of pumps Pumps are used for extract the liquid and transfer one source of liquid to another source. Pumps are uses in many industries like refineries, petrochemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power plants, hospitalities and home application etc. It also is very useful mechanical device. On the basis of working and construction pumps classification into many types. On other site
  6. https://www.growmechanical.com/2020/06/type-of-pump-positive-displacement.html
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