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  1. Dear Sir, I've just read your solution and I am amazed by the comprehensive explanation. That's a big help for me and I am very thankful. As you suggested, I'd be still trying to figure out the reason for the difference in the final results. I had already posted this question also in https://engineering.stackexchange.com/questions/36539/bending-moment-when-there-are-no-constraints/. May I post your solution there? (of course with reference and the link to your blog) thank you so much sincerely, Negar
  2. Hi everyone, I faced this problem in an old book (Hall Allen S., Theory and Problems of Machine Design; 1961) the answer is according to the book 592 [in.lb] but I think the bending moment should be 0 because there is no constraints. Could anybody help me to understand this? (the photo is attached)
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