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  1. Hi I don't know which viscous model I should use for this geometry that show me vortices.I appreciate your guiding me regarding this. Reynolds number is 750000 and fluid is air.
  2. Many thanks for your complete explanation.🙏🏻 It will be usefull to me definitly.
  3. I want to study abroad.I'm trying to apply for master's degree to technical university of munich and it's important to have a good resume.
  4. Actualy that't the point.I want to get my name on a published paper. With a good resume,I can get a scolarship,on the other hand I can be useful and helpful to someone is going to publish a paper by simulation,computing,etc. I would appreciate it if you guide me to true path.I'll be happy to know more about your experiences.
  5. I'm bacholer's student of mechanical engineering.I'm fluent in Matlab,Solidworks,Adams and I know something about gambit and fluent. I need to improve my resume to gain admission to the university of my choice. I'm glad to be able help you.
  6. Hi I'm looking for topics to research and publishing paper in vibration field. Can you suggest me some topics?
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