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  1. Dear Colleagues, Need Assistance and Recommendation (IMechE) My inquiries are as follows: 1- Do you know anyone who has applied for membership at Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK), IMechE, please? I want to apply for Chartered Engineer (CEng) membership at IMechE. I am thankful if anyone shares his/her experience (hiding their private personal information). 2- If anyone has already filled up the CEng IMechE application form, I am thankful for sharing his / her application form (hiding their sensitive personal information). The application form is attached. 3- if anyone has any advice, guidance and experience related to the interview (usually 45 minutes), any useful information in submitting documents and/or any writing is a good criteria to meet the requirement of CEng Membership at IMechE. If possible to get their contact or share their experience (application form, project or anything else) ensuring hiding their personal information, I will be very grateful. I attached three samples as examples. Thank you for your time and effort you will offer in this case. Yours sincerely, Zhwan
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