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  1. i have a motor of power 0.025 kw and its rpm are 1474.Its a 3 phase motor motor is rotating a worm gear assembly gear 1 is connected to a motor g2 is a driven gear and is a worm wheel and is rotated in opposite direction. g2 and g3 are on same shaft.They both rotate in same direction now g3 is second driver which drives the last gear i.e g4 g1 and g4 roate in same direction Teets on each gear are g1-11 g2- 43 g3- 7 g4- 11 (g4 is a quarter gear) how to calculate the final output torque ???? assembly of the gears are in below youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvaj05FWUmY
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