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    Gas turbine engine, machine design, conceptual design, design solutions, material selection, FMEA
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    Component design engineer
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    Masters in Machine Design
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    Masters in Machine Design
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    Design and development of PW geared turbofan engines and Rolls-Royce trent XWB engines.

    Apprentice trainee at Gas turbine research establishment, Bangalore
  1. Hi Everett, Could you explain more about cosmetic applications.
  2. Hi Everett, This component is used in the rear fan case of gas turbine engine. The component is further divided in to 2 subassemblies. One made of titanium alloy and the other made of aluminum alloy Functions Titanium alloy subassembly : To provide necessary stiffness for the composite fan case. Aluminum alloy subassembly : To provide attachment points for thrust reverser unit clamps. Loads acting Titanium alloy S.A : Fan blade off loads, maneuvering loads. Al Alloy S.A : Weight of the thrust reverser unit doors. The Al alloy S.A will be attached to T
  3. Hi Everett, Thank you for your reply. I have design problem where i am using a screw and helicoil insert to attach two components. The functional requirement is to hold the assembly during the transportation. There aren't any tensional loads acting on the screw. So which thread series should is use here., UNJC or UNJF. This is an aerospace application.
  4. What is the purpose of different types of bolt/screw heads (I am more concerned of bolt heads).I have seen that bolts having same material of construction, area of application(temperature, structural or non structural application etc.) are having different bolt head design (hexagon, double hexagon, Tee head etc.). Does it have some relation to the torque applied or constraints in tool used to tight them?
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