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  1. I am seeking a colleague to work on the development of a renewables power plant which may include a Stirling Cycle device. The project is based on our farm in Ireland. Accommodation is provided plus a basic allowance. More details can be found at www.swarfology.com/assistant.pdf
  2. A description of ourselves, our circumstances, an outline of the project on which we are working, and the kind of person we are seeking. Colleague2B.mp4
  3. Have a look at model aircraft construction techniques from 60 years ago or more. Thread coated with glue and allowed to dry becomes a rigid structural material. Paper clips straightened out are another structural material. Paper can be rolled into sticks. Glue floated on water forms a film which can be lifted by a frame made from the materials above. Presto - a wing. The purpose of the problem you have been posed is to develop your improvisation and research skills. The Bio-inspired part is easy. There's scarcely any idea which does not have origins somewhere in nature. Guess what. Humans are
  4. Hello Val, I hated university and almost gave up. By chance there was a staff change, and when I went to tell them that I was leaving, the new guy talked me through it. You already recognise the issue is one of scheduling. The best students in my year did not even attend the tail end of their courses. They had looked at past exam papers and decided where their strengths lay. They selected which questions they would answer, and even which parts of those questions they might avoid. Do not take on too much. You have to work to live. One of the problems I faced lay in poor money management. I was
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