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  1. I`ve bumped into some interesting article and I wanna share it with you and hear your thoughts about that project. The world`s first space hotel is slated to open in 2027 . Orbital Assembly Corporation, the group behind Voyager Station, has announced plans to begin building the hotel in low Earth orbit in 2025. The hotel will be able to accomodate 400 people and it will have a cinema, gyms, health spa, reastaurants, libraries and more stuff https://hypebeast.com/2021/3/orbital-assembly-corporation-voyager-station-expected-2027-opening-announcement?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social&
  2. What are the most important issues we have now in space exploration area? As we can see now space explorations are developing very rapidly and by doing this, it causes a lot of issues to solve. Humans have a lot of stuff to figure out to get closer to particular purpose and which one do you consider is the most important and must be solved the first?
  3. Can such space technology like or satellites or microsatellites make their investsments in preservation of the environment on Earth? For example, such project like Sentinel-6 satellite we can control sea level and other stuff that can help scientists make particular operation in environmental preservation
  4. Do you know any of spacecraft that can be used for microgravity missions and experiments? Nowadays it`s rather popular and useful to use uncrewed guided space vehicles for particular microgravity missions. I found some of them that can even used in universities to collect data on the ambient conditions. If you can make an example one of them or maybe more, please share)
  5. I like the idea how microsatellites are developed at the moment. It is a cheaper and easier way of satellite technology that can substitute ordinary satellites in some time. Yeah, at that moment they are capable and they don`t have long durability. However, I assume that in some time it will an ordinary type of sats. And what do you think?
  6. To be more accurate it combines solid Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) fuel and 90% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) liquid oxidiser. But now I am looking for the answer what this kind of rockets is used for?
  7. Do you have any information about so- called hybrid rockets? The only think I know about them, is that this type of rocket is uncrewed and guided and used for test in under microgravity conditions. I wanna know why it is exactly hybrid and are there some crewed rockets like that?
  8. Nowadays, private space company really succeeded and manufactures pretty good technology and space vehicle. What do you think is the most advanced private space company ( except Space X ) at the present time?
  9. What was the most advanced space craft of the recent time that surprised you the most? As you can see technology nowadays is a fast developing thing and a lot of stuff have been invented for the recent time that can make a scientific breakthrough. What was the most special for you?
  10. Have you ever heard about satellites that tracking environmental changes? Personally, I`ve recently heard about such kind of microsatellites that been manufactured by some space companies I`ve never heard of.
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