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  1. Thank you, that's very interesting, I have a question please : we can find th tensile stresses with a minimum thickness?
  2. Can you give me some ideas about these discussions ? Thank you
  3. Hello ! Please I need your help to solve this homework. The figure shows a proposed design for the upper section of an axisymmetric cooling tower, which is to be made of concrete of density 2300 kg/m^3. Find the minimum value of the shell thickness t if the tower must be capable of sustaining an internal pressure 2kPa at A and 5kPa at B without inducing tensile membrane stresses at these points. With your choice of t, do you expect there to be tensile stresses elsewhere in the tower and if so where? Thank you
  4. Hello! Please I need your help, I need correction of this homework . A hemispherical dome is partially submerged in water of density r, as shown in Figure. Find the membrane stresses at the point A, defined by the angle f . You can assume that the pressure inside the dome and above the water surface is atmospheric pressure p0 and that the stresses due to self-weight of the shell are negligible. Thank you
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