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  1. I am involved in the mining industry over 38 years and in my travels world wide and not mentioning any specific OEM the reliability, durability with high production and low maintenance costs is the highest priority for all of them. Huge costs is used every year by these OEM`s to improve on their equipment and machinery using IoT and even go autonomous. Everyone is actually missing 1 important point " The Human Factor" , 75% of machinery breakdowns is directly linked to human error causing self inflicted breakdowns. Some of the machines have very sensitive and state of the art hydraulic systems and control valves with tolerance's less than 4 microns. All this help nothing if the system is not maintained properly and parts / components is not replaced in a 100% clean manner and correct tightening torques ect. When talking about lubricants in use there can be a million of books written about it but the basics stays the basics. Keep hydraulic oil clean, below 80 degrees Celsius, correct viscosity, correct grade and regular sampling tests.
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