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  1. I am investigating the root cause of a telescopic cylinder failure. The cylinder was being used to lower a mast. It is a 4 stage cylinder. The 4th stage retracted completely but in the middle of the stroke of the 3rd stage, the 2nd stage began to retract simultaneously with the 3rd stage (under normal operating conditions the plungers retract one by one). I am wondering why this could happen. Reading manuals and literature I believe the seals between the plunger of the third and second stages failed and oil from the 2nd stage entered to the 3rd stage and it caused an hydraulic lock. This made the two stages behave as just one plunger. I would like to know your oppinions! Thanks PD: The cylinder is similar like the one in the image, just that the cylinder of my problem is composed of 4 stages and the one from the image has 3 stages.
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