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    Engineering, grouting, science.
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  1. Version 1.0.0


    The replacement of 42 anchor bolts in a diesel engine on a concrete foundation is not an easy job, however, with these steps, you can have a good idea of how the Alphatec Engineering SL team did it:1- Diamond Core Drilling2- Diamond Wire Cut3- Take out the concrete blocks4- Replacement of anchor bolts for new ones5- New rebar & concrete6- Regrout with green epoxy grout Alphatec®️ 800The job was part of the foundation repair of a Mitsubishi–MAN diesel engine, type 18V52/55B, that drives a brushless alternator of 13 MW capacity, installed in 1989.Even though it was not the oldest of the unit
  2. Real onsite photos from worldwide projects.
  3. Project on the rehabilitation of the mounting system (concrete foundation, anchoring, and epoxy grout) of a pinion-bearing pedestal for an 8,5 m ø x 3,8 m semi-autogenous grinding mill (SAG mill) driven by a 4000-kW electric motor. Download the report of this project at Alphatec website or leave me a comment.
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