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  1. The equipment uses the force of several pendulums connected to each other and descending from the top of the equipment, traveling along its path in a sinus fashion and passing through transmission wheels that transmit mechanical energy to the ethos of a powerful electricity generator. Two forces are used: mechanical energy and kinetic energy, which is used to control the speed of descent of the pendulums. As it is a constant circuit, the process of lifting the pendulum will take place in two stages and with the combination of a large wheel with a pendulum inside (similar to the mechanical horses of oil pumps) and the combination of an exponential hoist and a hydraulic actuator to rotate the pendulum wheel by 50%. This pendulum wheel will be connected at its perimeter by chains that will lift a lot of pendulums to the upper stages. Through this lifting system there will be electricity savings that will amount to approximately 1/10 of all the electricity generated by the system. Thus, the equipment will be self-sustaining. The remainder of the electricity generated will be transferred to the external grid. The great advantage of the equipment is that it can be installed anywhere and close to the place of demand. According to the equipment's architecture, it can generate from 500 Kw to 3 Mw.
  2. I am the creator (with 3 patents) of a mechanical system that runs large electricity generators. I want to present the concept to you. APRESENTAÇAO TEXTO PARA INGL OOK.pdf
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