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  1. We have found casting some of our parts makes them able to handle much higher torque levels. We are always keen to use the best possible components for the Thompson Couplings to enable us to offer a reliable, maintenance free option. Having the end users in mind and thinking of their- experience and needs for their production or plant at the heart of decisions creates a much more reliable, long lasting quality product. Focus should always be the customers needs and quality products. We have also used 3D printing to create samples.
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  4. TCAE-2-R PTO Hydraulics Application – Loadpro Australia - X60 Truck We have recently supplied a TCAE-2-R couplings to Loadpro Australia for a PTO hydraulics application for the new X60 Off Highway Truck to be used in the mining industry. Loadpro pride themselves on offering Efficient Transport Solutions and so by using the Thompson Couplings TCAE-2-R coupling means the X60 truck brings high efficiency and significant benefits to the mining and construction industries and is suitable for extended hauls and in applications other off highway trucks and articulated trucks are not suited for. Further benefits are that No Laser Alignment is required for PTO applications. See a short video here Loadpro X60 PTO Hydraulics Application TCAE-2-R – PTO Hydraulics Application – Technical Specifications Use: X60 Truck Engine: Mercedes OM502 LA, 480 Kw @ 1800 RPM Hydraulic Pump: K3VL Maximum operating angle: 1 - 10 degrees total, without the requirement for laser alignment TCAE-2-R: Technical Specifications TCAE-2-R Tech Specs Jake Schliebs – Loadpro Australia “The driveline and coupling is working better then expected, with the customer preparing to order further units for the plant. “Loadpro design and manufactures Off highway Trucks in Brisbane, Australia for the mining industry in the 65 Tonne weight class, Our X60 model required a high capacity hydraulic pump mounted directly from the engines harmonic balancer, After investigating various design solutions to couple the pump to the engine we became involved with Thompson Couplings, Their team were more than helpful during the design process and went above and beyond to cater to our requirements. Together we selected the Thompson Couplings TCAE-2-R for our application. We rubber mount our engine and fabricate our own chassis, so a coupling solution with high misalignment capabilities is the primary requirement, and the TCEA-2-R ticked all the boxes, with plenty of extra misalignment to spare. Since we selected the TCAE-2-R, we’ve been able to redesign the pump mount to a more cost effective method, since misalignment was no longer a problem for us”https://bit.ly/TCLYouTubeChannel UPDATE: We have now supplied a further 10 couplings for another 10 mining trucks. A further 12 trucks will be fitted by the end of the year. More videos are available here https://bit.ly/TCLYouTubeChannel TCAE-R-2 tech specs_Rev2.pdf
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  6. Here you can see examples of applications and uses as well as some Technical data Sheets for the Thompson Couplings.
  7. © Thompson Couplings Limited

  8. © Thompson Couplings Limited

  9. Where you told you MUST laser align a coupling? Do you find it takes valuable time off your engineers day or is an added cost to your business? The Thompson Coupling is revolutionary in several ways, the main unique feature is it does not need to be laser aligned! This goes against what most are taught in college or on training as most trainers have never encountered the Thompson Coupling before. There is a short video attached to this blog sarahw@thompsoncouplings.com No laser alignment needed. Runs with up to 10 degrees total misalignment. Runs in harsh environments. 3 year warranty as standard. Maintenance free. Reduces vibration- saving wear on connected devices, bearings and seals. Reduces operating and power costs. Easy to fit system, quick replacement when needed. This coupling has been in use for over 15years in various countries, many engineers have still not had exposure to its patented qualities though and so use traditional couplings without realising there is a better more modern alternative. It can replace Grid couplings, Gear couplings, Pin & Bush couplings, Disc couplings, Elastomeric couplings and others. To prolong the life of your pump and motor and other connected devices switching to the Thompson Coupling has proven worthwhile. The Thompson Coupling is already in use in a huge variety of sectors- Quarrying and mining Food processing Marine Agricultural Pulp and paper Steel processing Oil and Gas Palm Oil refineries Monorail Power stations and many more. We also have many more videos on our youtube channel, https://bit.ly/TCLYouTubeChannel if you would like a virtual demo (where ever you are in the world) we can show you and you can ask any questions you may have. Here is a link to our Thompson Couplings Website https://bit.ly/TCLWEBSITE 1647219672_TCAECouplingNeedsNoLaserAlignmentsubtitles.mp4.2cc9e5872087cd1685d6cf402e833bb5.mp4
  10. You could use one of our couplings, Thompson Coupling sarahw@thompsoncoupling.com I can connect you with your local distributor. No need to laser align it either. works reliably in harsh environments and needs NO maintenance with a 3year warranty. What is your application? https://bit.ly/PumpVibrationEliminated Our flanges can be made to fit the devices shafts and do not have to be the same diameter.
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