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  1. Philip I think that the wire rope will still walk along the helicoil. I will probably make flanges that are the exact width apart as 3 wraps of the wire. Then the wire rope has nowhere to travel. It will still try to travel, so there could be a bit of friction on the rope, however the lift only rises 3.6 m with a drum size of 150 mm, so not too much.
  2. Ivhan Khan Thankyou for your suggestion, however I think that I found a simpler solution. I was researching and came across another forum that discussed much the same issue. Their solution was to use a concave drum as used in a capstan winch for a boat winch. This I can make simply. https://cr4.globalspec.com/thread/3492/Capstan-Drums-need-Help
  3. Philip Thinking about it, I am not sure that a helcoil wrap on the drum will stop the cable walking. Wouldnt it just follow the helicoil along ? The problem is that as it walks sideways it gets to a point where the cables start to rub and cross. I would like to try to stop them walking ( they walk in either direction depending on the rotation. ) Maybe flanges that limit the distance it can walk, If the flanges were tight to the cable warp with no allowance to walk, I thinhk this would stop it. What do you think? I would use 3 wraps instead of one as it seems to run smoother. Anyhow I look for to your imput. Regards Manatadive
  4. I have attached a video of the unit in question. I have disconnected drum the system for now so you cant see it actually working, but you will get a better idea of what the issue is. My apologies for the video in advance. VID20210812074049.mp4
  5. Philip Thanks for the suggestion. That is a possibility, though I think the drum is probably too thin. Maybe I will get a new drum made to replace the existing one, I can also make it 150 mm diameter, I think this would help.
  6. I am new to this forum. Background on me, I am a retired builder, living in Thailand. As I age my knees are going to go, so I decided to build a lift in my home here. (2 storey) I have completed this mostly, I goes up and down. I designed a counterweight system using a wire rope around a drum, with a built in overspeed arrestor ( uses centrifical force to throw out cams) My problem is this. The wire rope between the lift car and the counterweight wraps around a drum the operates the overspeed arrestor. the drum is approx 4 inches in dia. the cable wraps around once, The cable 'walks, along the drum as it rotates to the extent that the wire rope will cross over itself. I have tried it with 3 wraps aroung the drum, which is a bit better but doesnt solve the problem Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas. I have thought of running a seperate cable to the lift car only (not the counterweight, it will still operate on another cable) from the drum with a seperate elec motor to wind \the cable back up using Vbelts and pulleys. This is problematic as I have to slow the revs down to approx 14 rpm. There is not enough room to fit in the system of pulleys required. If I use a geared motor I will have to setup a system of reversing the motor for both up and down travell. This is doeable but complicated. So I am looking for ideas/advice.
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