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  1. Hello, I'm working on a fun sport court project and can use help. EXISTING: The current sport court is built on a raised wooden deck (30yr old; 12' tall at highest point) supported by 2x12 PT floor joists 16" OC. The existing 2x6 redwood surface is old, warped and rotted. Above the 2x6 surface is an old plastic sport court material similar to www.versacourt.com. We are removing the 2x6 redwood surface deck and the old plastic sport court material. QUESTION: What is the ideal product to replace the 2x6' redwood substrate surface with? A new versacourt plastic sport court material will float over this new surface. GOAL: Goal is to pick a strong and cost effective substrate surface under the sport court material that will not warp over time and will allow pickleballs, tennis balls and basketballs to bounce well without dead spots. The product needs to drain, not be sloped and be under 1.5" thick. Concrete is the ideal base for a sport court but we can't use concrete in this application (will not drain unless sloped and over 1.5" thick). Ideas?
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