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  1. Good to see your positive response Look forward for your participation This is a knowledge community dedicated to mechanical engineer and we all as a member has to take it forward for benefit of all
  2. This is dedicated portal for mechanical engineers You have posted two links 1 Skill-lync and then on linkedin It seems you are just marketing your links You don't value senior time If you want to showcase - you should post the entire content on this site as well
  3. Attn Conference extended till 14th Oct 21 Guidelines & Rules for open ended conference Write one statement or few lines related to (any) Manufacturing & Production technology which may include process introduction application Cost benefit analysis pros and cons Diagrammatic representation latest trends And.....no limits Collective (joint) effort from all participants should be such that, none of the topic remain untouched. Your creative and innovative approach will lead to an interesting presentation in just few sentences. Do not repeat which has been already posted before your post Preference to English language only Do not post twice... If needed edit your already written post. 3 Participants each from Lucky draws will be chosen and awarded Amazon gift card $10 (750 INR), but they must have 5 likes to their posts Look forward for your active participation... and please do encourage all your mechanical engineer friends to participate Please appreciate the post of other members by liking the same. I am writing the first statement to give it a start Gears can be manufactured by a variety of processes, including casting, forging, extrusion, powder metallurgy, and blanking. Next member can chip in to extend his talk on the gear manufacturing or can write on other manufacturing process.
  4. Nominate yourself for the editorial team. Tell us about yourself how many hours per week you are willing to give as a volunteer? What topic and content you want to touch upon? We seek mix of nominations Students, Freshers, Senior Engineers From different industries
  5. Check the club section https://mechanical-engg.com/clubs/28-fluid-mechanics/
  6. Take the challenge on the following link https://kahoot.it/challenge/04692599?challenge-id=2fab5bbb-3e15-4fa4-9d2b-2ffecd181adf_1625822848360 Once done , pl share your feedback .... Consider small contribution https://mechanical-engg.com/donate/
  7. Open https://kahoot.it/ on 1 scream and Zoom on another screen Game pin 1934370 Keep watching this space... More information will be added soon You will be required to have two screens ( two mobile phones or 1 desktop and 1 mobile) From one device you need to connect with us on Zoom or on facebook page. where questions and scorecard will be shared from second device you will need to answer the questions..... More information will be added soon How many mechanical engineers / students can you bring to this live event.? We seek your support to make it a awesome event with full of excitement -------------------------------- Mechanical Engineering forum is inviting you you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Mechanical Engineering Live Quiz Time: May 22, 2021 07:15 PM India Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/97970756803?pwd=Q1NTUGZuNEdIRWNLVnplTHdPK1RuUT09 Meeting ID: 979 7075 6803 Passcode: mechanical You can also connect with us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mechanical.engineering.community.forum/
  8. A gear has to be shrunk on a shaft of basic size 120 mm. An interference fit H7/u6 is being selected. Determine the minimum and maximum diameter of the shaft and interference. All answers posted by members will be hidden so that others can post their answers without viewing the already posted answers.
  9. A coil chain of a crane required to carry a maximum load of 50 kN, is shown in the figure. Find the diameter of the link stock, if the permissible tensile stress in the link material is not to exceed 75 MPa. All answers posted by members will be hidden so that others can post their answers without viewing the already posted answers.
  10. Asked by Anurag mishra on twitter plz anyone suggest an alternative for Thermal spray welding. Due to scarcity of oxygen in India our welding process have come to halt. We use acetylene + oxygen for metallic(nickel) spray weld using thermal gun spray. Plz suggest an alternative gases for the same.
  11. Recording of session https://www.facebook.com/mechanical.engineering.community.forum/videos/297336745314907
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