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  1. please upload pdf files in download section https://mechanical-engg.com/files/ This is a discussion section
  2. Do not post links of your blog If you want to write , write for this website If you are writing in Hindi ....mention it in your blog name for example..... Mech knowledge in hindi so international users who do not know hindi can ignore it directly....
  3. We are working on https://engineeringtalks.com
  4. what help are you looking for.... written nothing.... I will delete this post you can start over again.... with better title and description of post
  5. what is an economical joint and where does it find applications ?
  6. what are the factors to be considered for the selection of materials for the design of machine elements
  7. Why it is necessary to dissipate the heat generated when clutches operate ?
  8. Where are the angular contact and self aligning ball bearing used
  9. What is the function of springs? In which type of spring the function is non linear.
  10. What is the function of drawbar on a milling machine
  11. How is power transmitted from lathe spindle to 1) Feed shaft 2). Lead Screw. You can answer this question You can like the best answer You can share this questions to get more answers
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