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  1. Do you know property of engineering material such as elasticity proof stress stiffness creep toughness tenacity brittleness resilience hardness ductility Take a small quiz to test your knowledge Quiz Link One lucky winner who score 10 out of 10 will get Amazon gift Card Rs 500 (7 USD) Based on response we will have more such quizzes Take the quiz in landscape view (Auto Rotate on mobile phone) Last date to participate in quiz contest is Feb 19, 2021 Check you score (Update every 15 minutes
  2. Why is first angle projection method preferred over third angle ? All answers will be hidden for a day let see who will write the best answer
  3. The firing order of six stroke iC engine is 1-3-6-5-2-4 1-4-2-5-6-3 1-6-2-5-4-3 1-5-2-6-3-4 1-5-3-4-2-6 Answers will be hidden for 24 hours Do not write a b c de Write the firing order and you can also write explanation
  4. Why a built up edge on a tool is undesirable ? No one can see your answer The answers will be shown after 24 hours
  5. Our concern is that it is posted in wrong topic... It has defeated the purpose for which this topic was created....
  6. Hi DrD, I'm Felipe Romero, from Mexico, actually all the topics discussed in this Mechanical Engineering site are interesting, I specialize in the Area of Hydraulic Thermals in Mexico, the studies we acquired in school are only a guide of what we are going to find in life, it does not matter much if you have good or bad grades, where you will really learn how capable you are is in the area of Engineering where you find work, and that is the place where you will apply your knowledge , many or few, what you have learned. The important thing is the attitude and not being afraid of the problems th
  7. 1 why every 1 should be forced to do your project 140,000 members do your project.. others will want yopu to do their project ok if they all do -- can you elaborate How this website will become one of the best knowledge network for mechanical engineers the question and answer does not match and this may be 1 reason of website not getting popular We need to train members- where to post ..........
  8. How can we make this website one of the best knowledge network for mechanical engineering professionals ? Interaction among members is the key to successful community How to inspire members that they contribute, share their experience Start participation in presentations Which are your four reasons for which you will like to join and participate . Think beyond school ....
  9. How to upload your presentation
  10. Who can Present :Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering students, Mechanical Engineering Professors (Mechanical Engineering & related professionals such as production engineering , automobile engineering) Choose any topic which is related to mechanical engineering Record your video presentation with mobile, camera etc Start by one minute introduction about you such as Name Location College / Company areas of interest / job designation/ department etc Year of Graduation Other relevant information Hello every one, I am
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