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  1. Tolerance: The difference between the upper limit and lower limit is called tolerance. It is impossible to make any part to exact size.when working to a high degree of accuracy condition, The amount of error that can be tolerated can be is represented by limits on the drawing. Tolerance is the limit of random(unintentional) deviation of a dimensions from nominal values. Metal parts are used in many numbers in assembles and manufacturing industries.These parts must have to fit each other with comfortably. In the assembly metal parts need to have tolerance that allows compress. The limit of tolerance of a metal is based on the metal properties. Allowance: Allowance is calculated as the difference between the maximum shaft size and minimum hole size is known as allowance. It is a amount of designed (intentional) deviation between two mating parts of dimensions in a fit. In a clearance fit it is have a minimum clearance and is positive allowance. In an interference fit it is have a maximum interference and is negative allowance. Allowance is the difference between the dimensions of hole and shaft.
  2. *Invitation - Only for Mechanical Engineers* Mechanical Engineering Discussion forums *Forums Link* https://mechanical-engg.com/forums/ To Login https://mechanical-engg.com/login/ For quick login - you can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. To Start new discussion : Click Start new topic button Start with Profile and status updates *Special Offer to encourage participation in the field of Mechanical Engineering* Two Lucky members who logged in between 5 Nov to 7 November 2019 Will get *this Tshirt for FREE* *I AM A Mechanical Engineer* https://teespring.com/me-tees-3-1 Subject to shipping available in the country Lucky draw video will be shown on the youtube channel between 9 to 10 November 2019 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJpYYsYFpX0XWxrWkLRtkA
  3. Please don't provide correct answer ... then what you want ? Pl do not post from other websites
  4. This is posted in Ideas which is wrong place to post
  5. Problem: a huge percentage of airplane emissions come from long-haul travel. Are electric planes the solution? Companies around the world are working to develop electric airplanes. The hope is that advances in battery technology will enable efficient, emissions-free aircraft to replace kerosene-burning Jets. Considering air transportation accounts for around 4 percent of the global climate change impact, electric airplanes are seen as a key technology for cleaning up the transportation sector. The London-based non-profit Fellow Travelers assessed the potential carbon emissions mitigation could be accomplished by switching British aviation from Jets to electric propulsion. The results were not encouraging. The first planes to go electric - short-range, low-capacity aircraft - are also the ones that contribute the least amount of carbon pollution. Even If electric planes take over all flights of less than 1,500 km - about 900 miles - they will only make a small dent in carbon emissions. According to the data from Fellow Travelers, 87 percent of aviation-related carbon emissions are due to flights longer than 1,500 km, and the vast majority can be attributed to long-haul aircraft. The report focused on the United Kingdom, but the results are generally applicable. Electric jets won't solve the aviation emissions problem. Jeffrey Winters
  6. just take mouse on image,,,,, it will show you image tools
  7. First job one does is as GET - Graduate engineer trainee.... where he is sure to get practical training.... however we have seen even do not study theory properly..... do we understand why calculations are done.....why and whats assumptions are we making ?
  8. Dear Mechanical Engineers We invite you for the following discussion Application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Mechanical Engineering How can we apply AI in filed of Machine learning ? You can consider your workspace, your industry.....let all of us have come together with ideas...
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