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  1. Torque developed by an engine varies with speed and achieves a maximum value at a particular speed only. The maximum torque is specified and the speed is also specified at whcih that maximum torque is achieved.
  2. saurabh


    My prof at college once told me this method. View the gear such that the axis of the wheel is horizontal. Now, look at any tooth and observe in which direction will u move if u start from the top of the tooth towards the root of the tooth. If it goes from left to right, it is right handed and if it goes from right to left it is left handed. Hope this solves ur query.
  3. Dear Tamer, For Pelton wheel efficiency, I need to know the pressure, velocity & density of the inlet fluid, generator output voltage, current and power factor (or the generator output in Watts) and the power consumed by the accessories installed on the shaft.
  4. Dear , could you plz explain the problem in greater detail ? What do you mean when you say "faliing to transmit power"?
  5. Dear, Please go thru 1) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coupling and 2) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Material_handling_equipment I m sure you will get your answers Regards
  6. 1) Shafts may be connected to each other using couplings. There are a number of types of couplings that can be used. You may go thru shaft connections in detail on the net or from text books. 2) 100 kg material may be moved using a small overhead crane or using a smal trolley. Again, there must be some thumb rules and accompanying logics for the selection of the type of material handling equipment. You must, therefore go thru the details on the net.
  7. Considering the fast depleting coal and oil reserves of India and the world, and the environmental threats caused by thermal, nuclear and large hydro power generation, what should be the track that India should follow so that it could meet the ever-rising electricity demand causing minimum damage to the environment. There are enough options available for us including solar, wind, biofuels, small hydro etc. , but whether or not these sources could meet the capacity requirements is a big question. So, what do the young engineers of India think about this issue?
  8. You have to keep in mind that "a fluid's velocity increases its pressure drops" only if the discharge is kept constant. If the discharge itself changes then you may not find the above direct relationship holding true. Please check that when you restrict the area of the pipe, the discharge thru the pipe must be going down. With the pipe of smaller cross-section, if you try to force the same amount of disharge, surely the velocity will increase as compared to the pipe with a larger cross-section. I hope this makes sense.
  9. You may also use the study material avaialable on nptel.iitm.ac.in This site contains the resources uploaded by IIT professors for the sake of all students of the country.
  10. saurabh


    Please check the alignment and clearances with respect to the readings originally recorded during the installation of the pump. Due to thermal expansion, the alignment in cold conditions might not be true for running condition. So, the readings at the time of installation by the OEM must be useful. THese readings are generally available in the O & M maual of the machine .Also, you may check the axial thrust bearing also. Additionally, there might be some problem with the lube oil itself. Also, please clarify if this problem has been encountered after the installation of the new bearing or not? If yes, then the bearing needs to be checked again. Please post your feedback.
  11. Although your question is not very clear, I would like to tell you that flow around immersed bodies is obviously possible and is present everywhere around us. Examples are flow of air around vehicles and aircrafts. An aircraft is fully immersed in air and a lift force is produced on its wings only due to the pattern of the air flowing aroud the wings.
  12. Firstly, the basic purpose of all Engineering activities is to make human life more comfortabel and easy, Your cause is very much in line with this thought. SO, all the best You may use a simple chained or geared arrangement that provides enough torque reduction so as to allow a person to lift himself, just like what happens while cycling. But, I doubt if a patient on a wheelchair would be able to give many rotations to a hand paddle so as to lift his weight by some appreciable height.
  13. I believe that dynamic loads in the vertical direction are more in trucks than in trains because trucks need to operate in difficult terrains, bumpy tracks, speed breakers, frequent and sudden stops and starts. Whereas, trains' motion is much more smoother. May be this is the reason why trucks employ leaf springs and trains have coil springs. Please correct me if I am wrong. Regards,
  14. If you want to adjust the pressure, firstly you can refer the Q-H curve of the pump. As the dishcarge of the pump is decreased, the pressre or head generated increases and goes upto a maximum value called as the shut-off head where the discharge actually becomes zero. So, you can adjust the pressure by varying the discharge of the pump using a control valve in the discharge line of the pump. But, if you want that the pressure is increased and the pump still delivers the same amount of fluid, then you will need to make some major changes: 1) Firstly, if the driving motor is a variable speed motor, then you can change the speed of the motor (and hence, the pump) to change the pressure. (Or you can change the motor itself) According to pump affinity laws , Discharge is directly proportional to speed Head is directly proportional to square of speed Power is directly proportional to cube of speed. By changing the speed of rotation, you can offset the whole Q-H curve of the pump 2) Second, the head can also be changed by changing the outlet dia of the pump. But for achieving this you will need to change or modify the impeller of the pump. According to the affinity laws, Discharge is directly proportional to dia Head is directly proportional to square of dia Power is directly proportional to cube of dia I hope this will help you. Regards,
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