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  1. Hi, can someone help me with this problem? The following data pertain to a single stage impulse turbine Nozzle angle = 20 degree Blade Velocity= 200 m/s Relative steam velocity @ entry = 350 m/s Blade Inlet angle = 30 degree Blade Exit angle = 25 degree If the blade friction is neglected the work done per kg of steam is-------- The answer that i am supposed to get is 124KJ Cheers!
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    Heat Transfer Rate

    Thanks Sangwan appreciate it
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    Heat Transfer Rate

    Hi, Can someone help me with this question? A sphere of diameter 10mm and emissivity 0.9 is maintained at 80 degree centigrade inside an oven with a wall temperature of 400 degree centigrade. What is the net heat transfer rate from the oven walls to the object? The answer in the book is 3.04Watt , kindly let me know how to approach this problem. Cheers!