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  1. This leaves in rich air fuel mixture. 15:1 means that 15 parts of air is mixed with 1 part of fuel. Thus on comparing if you make the mixture to 12:1 then 12 parts of air is mixed with 1 part of fuel thus air for mixture is reduced by 3 parts which leaves in rick mixture
  2. Have noticed in many automobiles, the exhaust systems (silencer) is let out only on the right sides either in front or rear right. This some times creates nuisance, even i have faced this problem. especially while overtaking heavy vehicles. when these vehicles close their gas pedal all of a sudden it flushes out a huge black smoke which will hurt the drivers especially two wheel drivers who overtake. So why cant we have a change in this, cant we shift it to left ? Heard even there are some norms that we should let it out only in right side either front or rear. Why should it be so ?
  3. Am a BE Mech. Engg. graduate searching for a job now. Am immensely interested in Automobile and Maufacturing field. My future plan is to start a manufacturing industry on my own. Thus am searching for a job n Manufacturing sector. u already kno getting a job s not tht easy nowadays n so am left unemployed. Thus have finally planned to pursue any add-on courses which would enrich my career. So tht i can get a job easily where i can have a good knowledge and start an industry on my own. Have done Pro E, Catia, Ansys already
  4. Welcome to the forums adranbu :)

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