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    Manufacturing, Production, R&D, Design, CAD, CAM, Hydraulics, I.C. Engines, Machine Tools, Product Development, Root Cause Analysis
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    Automatic 12 volt DC hydraulic Jack

    Design of Loader Backhoe Assembly shop and Inspection of Assembly components in Case New Holland Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd
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    CAD, CAM, CNC, Import Export Business Training

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  1. 3D printing technology is attracting every science and technology enthusiast whether it is a mechanical, civil, architecture, electrical, manufacturing or medical application. Everybody is interested in creating models, prototype using 3D printing technology. It’s not a technology but a 3D printing evolution. The pace at which this industry is growing and the novelty that 3D printing has introduced, it is predicted that additive manufacturing will affect almost all the fields of daily life including trade and commerce in near future. Checkout these Affordable & High Performance 3d Kits From Stuffmaker
  2. Its a bit difficult to calculate. Because we apply brakes with different foot efforts on different speeds. Also the surrounding conditions affects the braking and friction coefficient changes on having dry and wet brake shoes in rainy season. Also depends n Composite lining material on the shoe.
  3. Online free learning programs offered by top universities of the world, spreading their advance and unique courses to every student siting at any corner in the world with there advance platforms. Here are Some engineering, science and technology learning sources from some best institutions and there programs for all. Check out below FREE ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COURSES ONLINE FROM WORLD’S TOP UNIVERSITIES
  4. Hello Guys, Is it possible to generate electricity or any other form of energy through plants. Here is some information I am sharing about the Idea. Please give your valuable feedback and idea to work further on the subject. http://www.scienceinfusion.com/green-electricity-energy-harvested-plants/ Thanks
  5. Sir I  am eagerly waiting for your reply . because you r my last hope 


  6. Hi frnds, Here I am developing custom components for college students want to make their projects in hydraulics. If anybody need components like hydraulic pumps motors, control units, relief vlaves bypass valve, return valve etc. I can arrange or make them according to the design. If anybody need help then contact me.
  7. In D.I. Diesel Engine - Improper Fuel Injection timing, Unbalanced governor, Defective Injector, Defect in timing gears or chain/sprocket. Burning of oil during combustion through cylinder liner route. In S.I. Engines - Improper Spark Ignition/Fuel supply. Oil movement to piston through cylinder liner route.
  8. Arpit.v


    Snaps taken on various spots.
  9. Swept Volume, Clearance volume, Bore, Stroke, Type of aspiration (Natural/Turbo), Mean effective pressure, Cooling Method(Liquid cooled/Air cooled).
  10. Its a process used to improve or alter mechanical properties and sometimes chemical properties of metals. Metals are heated up to a specific temperature and then cooled down by different cooling rates depending on the requirement. Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening, Quenching, Tempering are some common heat treatment process.
  11. Difference in sound is observed because of following Reasons Type of Engine - Two Stroke/ Four Stroke Number of cylinders ( Normally 1 in all bikes but have more than 1 in some big brands) Design of exhaust Different Engine RPM Range Engine Geometry
  12. To burn fuel properly inside the cylinder fine sprays are required, so high pressure is required to inject the fuel through fine holes of injectors. Injector pressure is the pressure by which fuel is injected in a D.I. Engine. Injector pressure is different for different engines, depends on the design of engine, combustion chamber etc.
  13. Contains Picture of damaged and replaced parts of the engine.
  14. To allow slip and creep chain drive is used over belt or rope drive. To get accurate rotational timing a chain drive is best replacement for belt drive. Pro's of chain drive over belt drive 1) It can be used for accurate rotational timing thus used in I.C. Engines as timing chain. 2) There is no loss of energy in the form of heat because no slip and creep occurs. 3) Better service than belt drive. Con's of chain drive over belt or rope drive 1) Initial cost is more than belt drive system 2) Require proper lubrication for smooth functioning. 3) Not silent as belt drive in absence of lubrication. 4) Catches rust easily.
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