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  1. Oleg Ushakov

    My drawings

    Hello. All parts here I shown here are exist. I made a lot parts of different equipment and I will try to show more interesting and difficult of them. it is a drawings where you have to think. If you have questions about them I will try to give you answers. I you will find mistake then give me to know. When you draw a part you always have to think about tolerances and manufacturing this part.... You can see any my drawing drawing of other person and you will understand the main thought of this drawing....
  2. Oleg Ushakov

    My metal constructions

    Hello. I decided to show an another part of my job which takes more time then my previous album. I'm using an another software to create them and they look less beautiful
  3. Oleg Ushakov


    Thank you so much.
  4. Would you like to create an assembling drawing? Which standards do you want to use for it? ISO ASME e.t.c?
  5. Oleg Ushakov


    Hi. I'm still waiting somebody will tell me remark. A little thing is absent on this drawing. Can you guess and tell me what is it?
  6. Hi. Where are you from????? Do you have resume and cover letter?????..............Send them everyday............ It's a really hard task to find job without experience.........if you are citizen of EU you have a big advantage.....you can to go to U.S. or Canada and you can live there till 3 month without visa... you have to read about it.....I'm not citizen of EU I don't know.......I you can find some job during this time......... I was searching job a lot of time on the sites...........you have to find the cities where your job is necessary most of all....and send your Resume and cover letter there............but it will be better if you will be live there for a time..........
  7. Hi. Look at this http://books.google.ru/books?id=qdtJDEPZrrkC&printsec=frontcover&hl=ru#v=onepage&q&f=false It's a very useful book and I tried to find it pdf but I failed Do you have any book about Drawings like this?
  8. Try to find some job. And start to earn money and experience. And become a chief engineer which has 120k $ per year. There are a lot of other ways in this life.......If you know these programs (I also know them) but it will give you anything because you have to have a rich background
  9. Yes, Any education is necessary. You are awesome but you don't forget also about experience.....
  10. Here is the drawing what do you want to understand?
  11. Welcome to the forums Oleg Ushakov :)

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