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  1. @ allen and aditya i think the stroke really means is piston travelling from TDC to BDC or vice versa
  2. @ allen and aditya i think the stroke really means is piston travelling from TDC to BDC or vice versa
  3. what if i heat the air or compress it to high temperature in a cylinder. will it still not be having any heat exchange
  4. @ pramit sir, thnx for your suggestions, it really has cleared my view as i totally am willing for pursue my career as a designer in automotive fields as major, by that i have decided to go for CATIA, thnx for your support. just can't get 1 thing clear in your point no.-4, why have you suggested to use Creo for 2/3 wheeler & CATIA for 4 wheelers.(its just for clearification).
  5. i think the main reason will be that as there are only four major processes in full cycle, it will restrict you to even no. of strokes in any case. Inventing a 3 stroke or five stroke cycle cannot be possible unless you try to either integrate 2 processes in the same stroke, or try to create a whole new way of internal combustion
  6. thnx @milos i think then i should go for CATIA or CREO
  7. thnx everybody for your suggestions, @Bryan, i was unable to get your last line about campatibility in case of catia. @Milos i ant get your reason regarding license file, did it meant you were not able to use SW due to license issues or are there any other problems with it too.
  8. i am 3rd yr m.e student, i have learnt autocad but as it has many designing restriction in 3D, i am trying to look for another but cant decide which one. i am unable to decide b/w pro e, solidworks & catia. please suggest. note- your answer should be based on designing power of the software not its UI or look. in reference to latest versions of all.
  9. can ab=nyone give me idea of how can i give a cars headlight a feminine look?
  10. @ sharan what are you doing exactly.
  11. if it all has been done already then its really a wonderfull invention.
  12. invention is good but i think it lacks some what of smoothness in it, as it always has to hit the rods for reciprocating it will be consume energy as well as it will produce sound and jerk. if in any way you can reduce these things then obviously it is a good invention.
  13. i didnt get this part of your answer
  14. practically attach a flywheel at one end and take the reading of torque produced by the engine, and at the same time also calculate the rpm of the fly wheel. then calculate the fuel consumed/second for that given time. simply apply the formulae- specific fuel consumption= (fuel/second) / (torque x rpm)
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