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    Modification to machines(Mechanical) to achieve power saving,ease of maintenance,Optimizing equipment life,improvement in safety,reducing cost of maintenance and downtime.Also passonate about new invention
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    Numerous projects from commissioning new cement plants,number of power saving projects,eliminating bottlenecks in machine operation and maintenance,analysing machine failures and providing solutions.
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    Designed,Fabricated,installed and commissioned pneumatic actuator power economizer.This project was published in World Cement magazine

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  1. Preheating for uniform flow of heat through the metal to avoid stress and cracks.Post heating and controlled cooling after completion of welding to relieve stresses.
  2. You may analyze whether intermittent high pressure has got anything to do with level of solvent in the storage tank? assuming your transfer pump is a positive displacement pump delivering solvent at 40 psig,please have a look weather flow of solvent gets restricted during high pressure build up. For proper analysis,few more inputs like flow diagram,pump specification and related operational data is made available from your end.
  3. In most of the products made as per design need some modifications after the product has been practically tried and this can not be termed as failed design Also,a perfectly designed machine may fail during use due to number of other related factor such as operational parameters like pressure,temperature,environment,load,speed.Also,it must be ensured that the personnel operating the machine have got necessary technical skills. In short,before declaring a failed design,thorough analysis must be carried out to pin point the cause of failure.
  4. In a centrifugal pump used for negative head installation,suction head at site must be considered while selecting the pump.
  5. Assembly drawing is required when more than one component is assembled together to make the final assembly to be exactly the same that the designer conceived while designing. Also,BILL OF MATERIAL gives details of number of parts required along with material specifications before actual assembly job is taken up.Normally detailed dimensions like size,,tolerances,surface finish specifications are not given in assembly drawing but overall dimension,weight etc are provided for the assembly and installation personnel to plan them in advance.Also special instructions for assembly job is provided in special cases.
  6. Mainly cylindrical shape is stronger than other shapes and also for minimum stress concentration that may minimize possibility of structural failure.
  7. Knurling is a process where the surface of part of a machined job/machined job is made rough using a knurling tool.This rough surface of the machined component makes the of the person holding it to have better grip while working with it.Sometimes it is just for aesthetics.Sometimes it is also used to have better bonding with the other material that will be coated over the knurled machined component.
  8. The question"What is the advantage of providing bush in a bearing" The bush itself is a bearing that normally we call a bush bearing.Mainly we use bush bearing 1.Where one piece anti friction bearing can not be fitted like engine connecting rod big end bearing,large mill bearings bearings are 2.Bush bearings are cheaper than anti friction bearings. 3.Where bearing is to be accommodated in two pieces. although new anti friction bearings are coming in two pieces.. 4.Used in airfoil bearings in aircraft jet engines and industrial turbo blowers being the most efficient over anti friction bearings.for being maintenance free and highly energy efficient. However many bush bearings are being replaced with anti friction bearings for ease of maintenance and better life. Material of bush is normally a soft material like gunmetal,brass,white metal,Thermit metal,Teflon,cast iron,wood tec but these days we sometime use bearing made out of very hard material like Ni hard bearings.
  9. As Mr Karim has rightly answered,In second and fourth angle projection viewing and projected plane are different than that of first and third angle projection,There is possibility that the one projection may overlap the other one creating confusion to understand the drawing.
  10. There should not be any problem provided proper specification of s.s pipe is used.Stainless steel pipes can be rolled,welded like steel pipe.It is mainly the cost consideration that stainless steel is generally not used for cycle manufacturing.
  11. Normally in petrol engine,a spark is needed to ignite air/fuel mixture after each compression stroke to deliver power stroke.But that does not mean that engine will stop if few sparks are missing.In a multi cylinder petrol engine,the engine will continue to run even if there is no spark in one of the cylinder with a reduced efficiency.In turbojet engine(Used in aircraft),sparking is discontinued sometime depending upon operating parameter after the engine has been started using sparks. Few scooters do not have a battery to produce spark for the petrol engine.
  12. There are many cold welding epoxy available in the market to repair the bearing housing.You need to take certain precaution while carrying out the repair work. Since the plastic bearing housing is out of shape,you must locate the new bearing on shaft with the center line of the stator so that rotor rotates in alignment with the motor stator.Once you have located the new bearing and tried it manually to confirm trueness of the rotor with respect to stator,you can go ahead with epoxy filling.You may use some jel for coating over bearing outer race so that epoxy and bearing outer race do not join permanently with one another.
  13. So far I am able to understand your question,you would like to redirect compressor outlet air back to compressor suction port and if it is so, Air temperature will go on increasing effecting performance of compressor lubrication system,valves and all other components.Also,since air temperature will go on increasing,reducing it's density problem of partial vacuum will occur inside cylinder and the valves will not work properly as they are designed to work on particular pressure. But why do you want to recycle compressed air in the first place?
  14. Please let us have the problems.Hope this to be interesting.
  15. I can let you know few reasons: 1.In case of butane/Dissolved acetylene cylinder,it is due to safety of pressure regulator. Butane/Dissolved acetylene cylinder and the pressure regulator have got matching left hand thread so that the butane regulator can not fitted in oxygen cylinder even by mistake. 2.Single locking nut with a left hand thread prevents component from loosening on the shaft.So,as the drive shaft rotates,the component tightens over the shaft because of opposite direction of the shaft thread and direction of rotation of shaft.Example-Kitchen mixer 3.In a turn buckle,one side thread is left hand so that when the buckle is rotated,the cable is loosened or tightened depending upon direction of rotation. 4.In some application it is only a convention without any logical reason.
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