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  1. Flange Bearing Mounting

    https://www.powertransmission.com/blog/ball-bearing-fitting-series-basics-of-fit-charts/ https://www.powertransmission.com/blog/welcome-back/ Check those... They are requirements for fit-tolerance for bearings.
  2. #43 Four-Bar / Toggle Linkage Mechanism

    Guilty as charged, DrD. DrD, I believe you gonna find two of these books interesting. Brown Mechanical Movements.pdf Hiscox_1800_Mechanical_Movements_Devices_and_Appliances.pdf
  3. Iam very intersted to study in abroad

    Taiwan universities offered plenty scholarships. Many Indians here as well. So you could both experience new things while not to feel too awkward with the environment. try this http://www.studyintaiwan.org/ Typical admission result for NTUST for Spring 2017 entrants. http://www.admission.ntust.edu.tw/ezfiles/4/1004/img/674/209244260.pdf And oh yeah: WORK ON YOUR ENGLISH, MATE!!! No one gonna considers you serious with misspellings in your application.
  4. #43 Four-Bar / Toggle Linkage Mechanism

    Ha, I guess I missed that DrD, here's a cool one Scan from The Autocar (Ninth edition, circa 1919) Autocar Handbook, London: Iliffe & Sons., pp. p. 49,fig. 35
  5. #43 Four-Bar / Toggle Linkage Mechanism

    DrD, any idea what kind of apparatus that using this mechanism? Side note: (you could consider not related to this blog) Back in college, I have a professor who is really imaginative and often create problems that unlikely to exist in real life. He taught mechanics of materials back then, and since it was a compulsory subject, everyone gets it. His exams would often feel like a massacre because the questions were often very different from the textbook or outside of common logic.
  6. Comments on a Textbook - Khurmi & Gupta

    There is possibility that the author(s) specialize in writing text books. i recall a senior professor in college back home would wrote books/papers in any topics ranged from thermodynamics, air-conditioning, internal combustion engines, turbomachines, rocketry and even entrepreneurship. A few Americans also have this characteristic. Some people are rabbits, dug many holes (likely shallow)... some are moles, dug deep but only a few holes.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pump_and_refrigeration_cycle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vapor-compression_refrigeration vapor compression cycle is the most common.
  8. What is a good thesis?

    A topic that being "hot" in wind turbine industry... Remote monitoring of wind turbine. Lots of mechatronics there... For most small windmill companies, the cost is too expensive (tried to discuss with NI and several local companies), hence most of them without remote monitoring software (only when clients require it). If you could design a system that cheaper (and workable) it would be beneficial for many small windmill companies.
  9. A Question for Readers

    1. If your college teaches brandX 3D software, what will you do when you go to work for a small company that cannot afford anything more than 2D drafting (simple CAD), with no analysis capability at all? How will you do your job then? You probably have your own pocket calculator, but will you have your own copy of ANSYS or Pro-E? SolidWorks Simulation is a economical alternative package of AnSYS. The price is like 1/4 of the same AnSYS package. If the company really poor, there are alternatives such as OpenFOAM, Star-CD (for CFD). Or even at worst case scenario, hand-calculation. 2. What software does your school teach (every students should have an answer to this question, so I expect lots of replies on this one!)? In college, the basic ME drawing using AutoCAD. I didn't took the FE Analysis course because I was concentrating in Thermofluid/Energy stream. In gradschool, the FE Analysis software using Star-CD (an old free-ware) which is VERY not user friendly. A visiting professor from University of Calgary, Dr. David Wood introduce OpenFOAM as alternative for CFD. 3. If you have used software extensively for analysis of engineering problems (beam deflections, stress analysis, fluid flow, heat transfer, etc), are you confident that you will be able to work all of those problems if there is no such software available to you on the job? Sometimes, I do hand calculation in lieu of FEA. In official report for consumers/third party, FEA graphics would perform better in the eyes of the consumers/third party.
  10. Triple Rocker

    Yes, the mechanism is actually a crack-rocker. Left link powered by electric motor, moving 360 degrees, while right link move at some angle (not even a quarter). Some other folks making durian opener (the winner of the competition) mechanism and few other tools that I can't remember.
  11. Triple Rocker

    Had this project, a while back in college. It designed to shake flour. Actually making the mock-up. Fun time.
  12. Pulley and belt system

    http://www.gatesmectrol.com/mectrol/downloads/download_common.cfm?file=Belt_Theory06sm.pdf&folder=brochure Like Dr.D said, the dimension X and Y have no "best" solution. You need to make sure the tension of the belt is suitable. (Check page 11 and 12 of the link). https://www.bandousa.com/html/pdfs/vbelt_timingbelt.pdf Also check from this, a guide on how much tension needed. I, myself, have no professional experience in this, so we are both in same path here, learning from internet. There are also these software to design the pulley system http://www.maxtorque.com/calctool/centertocenterstartx.asp http://apps.contitech-online.com/pages/produkte/antriebsriemen/antrieb-industrie/contitech-suite_en.html
  13. Amazing work, Murat!!! it often happens like this because the hand calculation consider 1-D effect (only the moment area not 1-D) while the FEA consider 3-D effect. if you make the FEA becomes line/ 1-D (Ansys and SW could do this), the answer would be much closer to hand calc.
  14. weighing machine

    You probably right, I don't know actually.