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  1. when a belt rotates from tighter side to loose side, actually it is going from higher tension to lower tension, so its length becomes shortened on the pulley. so it reduces the angular velocity of driven pulley from that calculated by considering the diameters. it causes a slight relative motion between the pulley and belt.
  2. a bearing is to reduce friction ,generally on a rotating shaft. it is made up of a material which helps in holding oil on the surface to reduce friction. it has balls or rods in between two metals to make a sliding contact to rolling surface.
  3. the thermostat is used to keep the engine cool as it warms up. the rod in the valve of the thermostat is pressed into a material such as wax which starts melting at temp around 180 degree celsius. Its melting causes the valve to open which lets coolant mixture to flow in the radiator. In this way, engine gets cooled.
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