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  1. Is ther any college in india that offers masters degree in engineering in any defence field....like weapon systems, naval warships design or any military related study??? I have completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering....and an indian defence aspirant....
  2. both are operations used in riveting to ensure complete tightness of parts. caulking is done with the help of a caulking tool which is a blunt chisel and in fullering flat chisel is used.. caulkind and fullering are used to make tight contact between metal parts
  3. working on dry mix mortar plant

  4. Try searching for ansys tutorials on the internet.....Analysis in ansys can be done in APDL / Workbench.....APDL offers conventional way of analysis where you have to specify various values like material...mesh details...no of nodes...loads....and many more...Workbench is a simpler way of doing analysis where less number of inputs are required....and easiest to use with lesser details required.....If you want to draw a graph of the values obtained go for APDL only...then optimization can be done using MATLAB......try joining any private coaching insitute for learning the basics...if you know the basics...then there are lot of tutorials available in internet.... even in youtube there are a lot of videos.....watch those......
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    Materials Numerical Quantities-Forms Tables designed for the metal trade are intended for use, mostly by vocational schools, and companies. Individuals of different experience levels will greatly benefit from this book, whether novice or specialized workers. In total, this book contains 7 chapters, each of which cover fundamental aspects of the subject. The chapters in this book include Measures And Weights, Metal Cutting Operations, Engineering Components, Mechanics, Numbers, Materials, and Engineering Drawings. Simply, this is a book similar to design data book which contains some requisite information on Metal Trade. I have scanned the pages and made a ebook. You can also buy it. Just 120 Rupees. Worth it!!
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