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  1. I understand the feelings of unemployed frustrated mechanical engineers.  Through my posts on many social medias, I have tried to motivate them.  This is for the first time I am using this media with the same thinking.  I hope, you will like my first post,  "What do you wish to be after Engineering Graduation?"  This is my small effort to guide them.  Your comments are welcomed.  You also can communicate to me through my email id:  thebrains3946@gmail.com in case of further help.

  2. How to choose your career after your Engineering Qualification? Before choosing a career it is important to identify your interest and then identify a career that aligns with your interest. Which career path would you have chosen? Congratulations! You have completed your engineering but how deeply you know about developing your career further in engineering and in which branch? There are so many branches too in mechanical engineering that is not taught in your college. Don’t accept any job in a hurry under frustration which cannot help you to build your career you have dreamed for. This is very important to understand as you are just a beginner. Once you understand, the scope of building your career will automatically opens to you. The first & best option is to become a Design Engineer. But, for this post you have to have deep knowledge of all other branches of mechanical engineering like metallurgy, metrology, heat treatment, manufacturing processes etc. with latest technology development in the world and nearby to you. This is not just because it’s a white color job but it gives you an opportunity to explore & apply your full knowledge of your life time study. You can be a Planning Engineer. In this area you have to plan everything about material flow, keeping busy everyone at shop floor and other departments as well. In this department too you can gain in-depth of knowledge being associated with all departments in your companies as well as with your vendors. Industrial Engineer who will help you for time, motion, method, process, value etc. It is a duty of a Industrial Engineer to help Planning Department about process Planning supported with Value Engineering that covers most of the help required for proper PPC (Production, Planning, Control) including Process Sheets, Machineries, Toolings & Guages required with time, motion, method, work study and QC; wherein your in-depth knowledge will help you. This also is a white collar job with proud and dignity. The fourth choice is Production, Shop Floor OR Tool Room Engineer – All the three are very different with each other. For this choice, you have to have knowledge of engineering drawing preparation, reading & correction (for the mistakes, if any; with the sense of trouble shooting), process planning, metrology and workshop technology. This choice also helps you to apply your sixth sense of your own knowledge in absence of any help from any department to show your own intelligence, particularly if you are in second or third shifts which straightaway helps you for faster promotion. You too can choose to be a Foundry Engineer. For which you need to have knowledge of Pattern Making & Foundry Process with Metallurgy which is again a interesting and responsible job. You also have another choice of Metallurgist, where you can apply your knowledge of metallurgy and develop a career. You can apply your full knowledge of Heat Treatment too. The next choice is, Inspection & QC Engineer. This is very key position. For this position, you have to have knowledge of metrology. Your knowledge of UG along with GD & T will be more helpful here. This is not only a white color job but also give you an authority certify product guarantee which is equally important on behalf of your company. Remember, Quality Control has a responsibility of measuring and evaluating the final product to ensure the integrity and interchangeability of the product tolerance. You can also be a successful Maintenance Engineer also. Here, you need to have not little but full knowledge of design, metrology, metallurgy and planning. Knowledge of Pneumatic, Hydraulics and Electrical-electronics, Mechatronics will also be helpful here. You will be responsible to plan your daily & weekly activity schedule without disturbing regular production like Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Regular & Routine Maintenance etc. Erection-Commissioning-Service Engineer: This is also a very important position. Because you have to maintain relations between customer and your company by giving good services in every situations. Best Service Engineers helps the company to maintain their reputation. Best customer service is very important for company’s growth. If you are looking for a white collar job; then, the other choice is, Purchase Engineer. For this area you will be required to be in constant contact with vendors, planning department, shop floor and Design Departments, where your basic engineering will be very helpful. Bargaining with vendors about the prices at the competitive rates and keeping the uninterrupted smooth flow of materials to your company without immediate payment is the key of your success. Sales & Marketing Engineer: This position will ask for your interest & skill of convincing customers for your product knowledge. You always have to win over your customers by giving them assurance of best services on behalf of your company but also will be under stress to maintain cash flow to your company. Here, you must be well aware that sales and marketing, both are two different concepts; sales is where you sell the product to a needy person but in marketing you will be selling the product to the people who don’t need it but by convincing him about the need and importance of a product to him. This is also a lucrative, white collar job. R&D and Automation: is another best option to be considered in which you can develop your skill and best earning as well. Many companies are spending as much as 20% of their profits for R&D department. Automation is the need of the century to boost manufacturing and production. Chemical & Pharmaceutical factories also offers good pay package, if simply you are looking at the salary point of view. Coming back to Design OR Engineering, There are many branches here too. You can be in Product Design, Machine Design, Tool Engineering, Machine Tool Engineering, HVAC, Structural Engineering, Pressure Vessel & Boiler Design, Sheet Metal OR Fabrication, Automation, Packaging, Medical Equipment Design, CNC Machines, etc. Best Design Engineer is one who can design the most economic product that helps the company survival in the competitive market. Over and above, you should also be aware with and have sound knowledge of engineering softwares. All engineering softwares have different uses and applications; knowledge of which also will be helpful to you. So, whatever comes in way, try to learn with interest. Don’t neglect anything, may not be useful now but surely will be in future. Along with the technology development you need to know CAD softwares like- AutoCAD, Solid Works-these two are minimum and must; Solid Edge, Catia, Creo (Pro E), Master CAM, UG, Ansys, I-DEAS, etc. etc CAD Softwares are many and are in use as per companies’ business requirements. Never go to the placement agencies; but believe me & trust your self-confidence; talented candidates have never been deprived of getting a best job and pay package. Many candidates have approached me for reference and jobs. Getting a job with a reference will not last long but getting a job with own capability will help to achieve your dreams. Simply chance or influence will not help you. It is your journey, you have to plan. Never give up your dreams & hope; make sincere efforts, sleep with dreams and wake up with new hopes every day. A will will find a way. Before giving up, just think why you have chosen this career. I can give many advises not to give up but the last and the best is – I am your well wisher, I am here to help you, to motivate you. If I talk about myself… When I started my career, I too was much frustrated. There was no one to guide us about our future at that time. Fortunately, my start was excellent. I got a very good chance to work in Tool Design Deptt in a reputed company. I found that subject very interesting, I loved to work hard and got a good experience within 2-3 years. Then, I thought of a change for a second job. Here too I got a new subject to learn. After working there for two years, I got a better prospective job at a higher position wherein I was looking after Tool Design Deptt, Tool Room & Tool Crib as well. Then, third job. Here too the departments were same but position was one step above. Thereafter, I change 2-3 jobs but the last chance was the best. Here, I got a chance in MNC to learn about Machine Tool Design with a liberty & empowerment to interact with customers and shop floor staff directly and learnt a lot because of my longer tenure there. The reason was, I was fully satisfied with that job and thereafter I changed my career as a Machine Tool Consultant after having a deep & thorough knowledge in this subject. As a Machine Tool Consultant, I got chances to visit number of companies throughout India, I happened to come across numerous problems with various machines with different knowledgeable people with their day-to-day practical problems & through intelligent questions. This is how I developed my career without any loss of enthusiasm. Today, I am at the pinnacle of my career; I am known to many in Indian industries as a best service provider. Just by giving above my own success story, I tried to explain you why you should never give up your interest, never lose your confidence. To make a career, you need to keep on changing jobs at every 2-3 years, work hard everywhere and only that will give you experience, and finally collection of these experience will take you to the top of your career. Don’t work hard, you don’t have to – instead, work intelligently with proper planning. Be positive & always be away from negative people. You can’t be successful & reach at the top overnight. Have patience, faith in GOD; over and above your self confidence. Okay, if nothing suits you, then you can think of having your own setup, own business, own enterprise, own work shop, own design office, you can be material supplier or freelance marketing engineer and so on…opportunities are plenty in India. Only you need to have a burning desire for you career success.
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