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  1. The most useful mechanical engineering forum ever.. 

  2. Alikazanci

    Cutting Complex Shapes

    good info > thanks
  3. Priming of a pump is very essential step in start up of a centrifugal pump. Fact is that centrifugal pump are not capable of pumping air or vapors.
  4. Hello engineers, Is their any benefits from taking Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) for a mechanical engineer ? Thank you in advance
  5. Assembly drawing is important to show the whole system part and how to be assembled, also you can count the number of parts and specification of each one to be ordered or checked later.
  6. For now i work hard to get professional in solidworks, since most of you use solidworks so i guess it will cover all of what a mechanical engineer need. Thank you for your advice Mr.Fayaz, Mr.Desta and Mr. Zakir
  7. Hello engineers, As a mechanical engineer, which program do you prefer for 3d modelling and why ? best regards
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