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    Mechanical Design|Automation Industrial| Machine Design
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    BE( Production)
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    BE Producation
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    JNE College Aurangabad

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    Design and development of Steel Manufacturing machinery|
    Material Handling: Heavy Transfer CAR at maintenance Area|
    Hydraulic Oscillation for steel manufacturing| Mould Level Detector|
    Diaper Manufacturing Machinery re-design and modification|
    Spray Painting tunnel(Sheet metal Housing) Overhead Conveyor|
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    CAD/CAM Course indo-german Tool room
    ANSYS Workbench/APDL 14.0

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  1. Hello Engineers, I have Planned to refresh your knowledge in selection of the commercial parts, Like Bearings, Ball screws, Linear Guides, servo motor, ac Motors. Hydraulic and pneumatic_ All file I will be uploaded is my personal notes, time to time I will upload files to avoide your confusion Today I would like to add file for bearing selection which is simple things some parts is written in marathi. you may add me in your linked to get recent updated files or may get my hepl directly into your mail box in.linkedin.com/in/smahesh2/ please feel free to caoncat me for des
  2. Version Ansys 14 workbench


    Step by step procedure of Linear Buckling by Ansys Software. These are the step to create analysis of linear buckling.
  3. DFM: financial success of any organisation is depends on the how much profit margin earned by selling each parts, if the cost of manufacturing is low with producing good quality product, automatically profit is more. and this is the aim of the DFM. to achive this goal DFM (development team) reduce the cost of 1. cost of components 2.cost of assembly 3.cost of overhead and DFA is the sub set of the DFM. uses some guidelines to keep the assembly cost as low as possible.
  4. 139 downloads

    While designing and selecting the standard size of beam it always check its web is strong enough to support the point reanction, or at the side support, Here I have attached file showing stress at the web in I beam. Please have the comments, likes, and shear.
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