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  1. Role mechanics, especially relative motion would play in facilitating migration of motion technology from the traditional fossil fuel energy to green technologies
  2. As indicated by my earlier counter part you'll need to consider bending moments and consequently bending forces on the cross member. Further to that you need to compute the direct forces on the fulcrum and forces transmitted on fulcrum members depending on its design. Detail of the system design may assist to arrive at the specifics. Regards.
  3. Mucugia

    A Calculus Challenge

    Prof, Thanks for reply, just saw it on posting final response. Waiting on your closing remark
  4. Mucugia

    A Calculus Challenge

    Hi, Submission for last Qs Small correction/ clarification for second moment of area of a full circle about its diameter is; I = (pie)(R^4)/4, There was an omission of denominator 4 in page 3 but is included in the working. Regards 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf
  5. Mucugia

    A Calculus Challenge

    Prof, Find attached solution to 2nd moment of area about x-x Regards Page 1.pdf Page 2.pdf Page 3.pdf
  6. Mucugia

    A Calculus Challenge

    Hi prof, The first page continues to the third page the expression of first moment of area about o-o is as shown in the numerator expression of I/A. I deemed page 2 not to be necessary for submission, as was my rough page for working the trigonometrical identities. For purposes of clearing doubt please find it as attached. However I discourage placing it as page 2 as its bound to raise confusion on the logical flow of the solution. 3rd page is complete in my regard. I have done a test of the expression when alpha equals zero, h = R. I leave it to you to evaluate or simpli
  7. Mucugia

    A Calculus Challenge

    Hello Prof Have taken the problem from Jareck 4 Jan 19, area of enclosed area to work the centre of area. As follows: 1. The y-axis passes through the centre of area, considering the symmetry about y-y. 2. A line at h from o-o defines the position of centre of area along y-y. 3. Further detail is as in attached working. All worked from culculus first principles and using available trigonometrical identities. Regards PAGE 1.pdf PAGE 3.pdf
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